An Army of the Lonely

This 2017 article on the legion lonely from Hazlitt magazine makes a number of great observations about the growth and nature of loneliness in today’s world. I probably took note of this piece when it originally came out, but it’s worth revisit. I’d encourage you to read it and I’ll also share some excerpts.

The article starts by noting the 1995 heatwave that killed over 700 largely older people in Chicago. I was living there at the time and remembered it well, but never recall anyone noting the fact that more men than women died, even though there are more elderly women than men in Chicago.

What made these men more vulnerable than the women? It wasn’t physical circumstances. Both groups lived mostly in “single room occupancy” buildings, or SROs—apartments of one room in what used to be called flophouses. It was social circumstances. The phrase “No known relatives” appears repeatedly in police reports of the dead men’s homes. Letters of regret were found on floors and in backs of drawers: “I would like to see you if that’s possible, when you come to the city”; “It seems to me that our family should have gotten along.” The single rooms of the deceased are described as “roach infested” and “a complete mess,” indicating few or no visitors. The women, according to Eric Klinenberg, who wrote a book on the heat wave, had people who checked up on them and so kept them alive; the men did not. “When you have time please come visit me soon at my place,” read another letter, unsent.

The author sees that he himself may be on a path that leads to a more lonely future existence.

Is this my future?  At first glance it seems unlikely. I’m 34. I have what seems to me a pretty active…

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A fatty liver, don’t have one.

Many lines of evidence support this. Some do not.

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Liposuction: surgical removal of subcutaneous fat (frequently for aesthetic purposes). It’s the physical removal of adipose tissue and thus fat storing capacity in the relatively “safe” subcutaneous region. This causes fat to be stored elsewhere, “ectopically,” in places like liver.


There’s also cryolipolysis, but we’ll get into that later.

Short and long-term effects of abdominal lipectomy on weight and fat mass in women (Seretis et al., 2015)

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Classical Education Is Not Enough – Podcast #41

Conservatives and Christians are very enamored of classical education. Studying the classics, the American founding, etc. are important things to do. But there are other important areas that people living in today’s world. These items, including intersexual dynamics, the impact of industrialization, the revolution in scale, and the implications of mass media are often understudied. This leaves conservatives with key blind spots.

This episode also includes further thoughts on playing for keeps and whether or not pastors should use packaged sermons, research assistants, or other help.

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