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It’s never too late but it’s never too early.

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By [oddly] popular request: hair thinning. I do requests pretty frequently (so don’t hesitate to ask!), and if it’s not my expertise, I’m usually happy to at least take a 30000-foot view of the topic.

Tl;dr: start now. Already thinning hair? Start now. Not thinning yet? Start now. The inconvenience and cost is quite minimal (translation: interventions are easy and cheap).

We’ll start with the easy ones. Then the fun ones. Yes, there are fun ones

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Population Decline and Its Consequences

Low fertility is common in countries with advanced economies and is recognized as a problem by many of them. Several recent articles in the global press shed some light on what is happening and how countries are responding.

The articles in the Wall Street Journal are potentially paywalled, but I have included some excerpts.

Harvard Political Review: One Is More Than Enough: China’s Population Conundrum

What demographers call the “low-fertility trap” — which asserts that populations with a total fertility rate below 1.5 births per woman will face difficulty reversing population decline — has caused increasing concern among the political elite for a while now: China’s TFR stands at just 1.3. By 2050, assuming fertility trends remain the same, China’s elderly dependents will make up close to one-third of its entire population while its labor force contracts by a whopping 23%.

Most of China’s East Asian contemporaries — Japan, South Korea, Singapore, among others — expect similar population declines, but the restrictiveness of China’s one-child policy has drawn a much sharper curve than the rest. Instead of a silver wave, China expects a tsunami.

As a result, China risks teetering off a precipice in its population pyramid: The after-effects of the one-child policy have created a massive population imbalance that has placed extreme pressure on its generation. As young Chinese of this generation, now in their twenties and thirties, start to settle down and set up their families, they must contend with the weighty pressures of the 4-2-1 structure. It is this structure that describes the vast majority of Chinese families: a working adult with 6 elderly dependents — a pair of parents, along with 2 pairs of grandparents.

WSJ: In Aging Japan, Under 75 Is the New ‘Pre-Old’

Japan is by far the world’s oldest…

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